Thursday, October 29, 2015

At first my question is,

Do you know the value of time? 

Ask this question to yourself and find the answer.

Yes/No depends on you...

Now let me tell you what is time? 

Time is money, if question arise on your how time is money than here is your answer. 

Without utilizing time you can't earn money that the first fact. If you are working slowing than you are wasting your time and loosing money, means if you work fast you can earn more.  

No body want to wast time, no body want to loose money so it depends on timing factor. 

Today i am going to share some windows tips and trick that may help you to earn more in sort time means that may help you to do your work fast... 

8 Simple Windows Tips and Tricks to Save Lots of Time While Working on Windows

1. Launch your taskbar programs through keyboard

Yes this is the first tips that can help you to save lots of time while working on windows. How ? i will tell you... 

You can press CTRL+TAB = Switch to another active program.  

Or you can press Windows Key + 1 = To open explorer,  Windows Key + 2, Windows Key + 3  and so on... 

Above shortcuts can help you to work faster on windows.

2. Quickly launch the new instance of program

This is the one of the awesome trick that you will amaze to know...

You just have to hold down the Shift button and then you have to open a program that you want to make instances means you have to press left click of the mouse.

3. Secret of send to with shift and right click

Simple you while you send any file to another place you can see some of the options... 

If you press right click with pressing Shift+Right click on file that you want to send to... that will help you to display more directories on send to option..

4. Positioning windows with arrows on windows

This is the best tips to set position of your active windows on your screen. For more information you can take a look of below video.

5. Access start menu through keyboard

I think i don't have to talk more about this tips. This is very simple and very easy. Here you just have to press Windows button from Keyboard.

6. Use PrntScr button to take screenshots

If you are tutorial writer than don't use any third party software to take screenshots. That is available on your keyboard. 

So it's better to use PrntScr  button from keyboard and that will save your time too... 

7. Pin common items for quick use

This is one of the useful tips to increase your working speed and save your time while working on windows. 

You don't have to do hard work here you just have to pin your application or folder. For more you can watch the video

8.  Use keyboards shortcut for cut, copy, paste, redo, undo etc... 

This is very simple and easy tips every body should use... I am not going about this in details because you know better than me about these things... so shortcuts only... 

CTRL+C = Copy
CTRL+X = Cut
CTRL+V = Paste
CTRL+Y = Redo 
CTRL=Z = Undo

That's it...

I hope these tricks will help you to save lots of time of yours... If any things comes on your mind just come below and lets have talk on comment box...

Thank you... 

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