Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Twitter is planning to remove 140 character limit
Soon you will be able to tweet your post as long as you wish on Twitter. According to the social networking company, it will make easier to its users to make the longer tweets as soon as they will finish making such product.

Twitter provides the 140 character limit till now which has become a difficult way for users to interact in the social network. However it is not yet clearly mentioned that how actually the upcoming product will look like nut it is confirmed that users don't have to continue the current barrier that they are facing till now. The reason behind the character limit for tweet is that because it worked initially with the SMS mobile messaging. However some of the twitter members are in the support of the previous rule of 140 characters limit.

Few weeks earlier twitter removed its 140 character limit for the direct messages feature for private users talk. And the limit for that feature was 10,000 which is however less than Facebook Messenger limit of 20,000 but made easier from 140 limits. 

Twitter is trying make the site the more appealing and displaying tweets in the Google search results. Finally Twitter is making its starting page attracting and revamping and highlighting the videos and photos of the life events.

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