Thursday, September 3, 2015

I have been telling you about SEO, Search Engine Optimization is most important thing to do and the best thing for blogging to get success.

Without SEO, it is impossible to reach higher organic traffic from search engines. So it's better to optimize your blog.

There different methods for search engine optimization. Off Page Optimization and On Page Optimization. These two things are most important and considerable things without these don't even think to get higher traffic.

on page optimization tips

I would like to recommend you to read these mentioned post for further more information about search engine optimization on blogger.

These about mentioned things are basic things for blogger users. All should have to optimize these all things without these I have already told you impossible to reach to the higher destination. 

On Page Optimization Techniques

Here I am going to share all the techniques for on-page search engine optimization. Implement these all be careful, improper implements can also harm your blog on the search engine so, you must have to take care of all these things. 

Pages Titles Should be Optimized

It is one of the most common and popular and easiest technique of on page optimization. If you do not optimize your page titles then you cannot rank better in the search engine. So it's better to optimize page titles of the blog and every post. 
Every blogger should optimize custom robot tags for a blogger to optimize their blog. These are the backbone of the blogger or websites. Web spiders will take care of blogs and websites posts they crawl your blog and they will index your blog post according to robot.txt files or tags.

Robots.txt is a text file which contains lines of simple code to manage blogger content on search engines. It is saved on the website or blog’s server which instruct the web crawlers to how to index and crawl your blog in the search results.

Optimization of Images

If I tell you about image, image is the graphical representation of the posts and almost 20% of traffic came from images. If you have optimized images on your blog then only you can get 20% of organic traffic from search engines. For that, you must have to take care of search engine friendly images. Add Alt tags and title tags. Give caption to images. 

Add Meta Tags and Meta Descriptions

These two things are most essential factors for every blogger blogs. Even all the websites take care about meta tags and meta description. Everybody should consider about all these. Meta tags will tell search engine about your blog. Meta description will provide a description of your blog on the search engine.  
The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) structure is the most important thing to provide information about blogger post. 

It depends on this thing, how you put your Permalink of your blog post. If you put inappropriate permalink than that is not beneficial for you. 

If you are writing a post about (On Page SEO Optimization Tips for Blogger Users).
i.e inappropriate :, tips for blogger indicates tips for blogger only, it doesn't indicate what kind of tips for blogger users you have written. 
i.e  good :, this indicates the on page optimization tips for blogger, provides information about the post. 

These above things you have to consider while writing a post on blogger. These things are most important. If you don't thing you won't get organic traffic, better search engine ranking, no indexing of posts, now good alexa ranking etc.

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