Sunday, September 27, 2015

Getting notification is good because it will let you know what is happening on your computer and with you.

But sometime getting notification from some default apps it may  bother your like windows 10 mail application.

If you are using customized function for windows user account which mean you have to integrate your email account with your computer. That will access your mail and when someone mail you it will notify you. It may annoy you... sometime you may feel disturbed...

When your added friends have birth day it will also notify you it's good to notify but sometime you may get bored with those notifications. Then you can take this step...

I personally not recommend you to turn of notification but if annoyed, disturbed etc... you can follow steps...

Turn Off Windows 10 Notifications

Hold windows or start menu now go for settings from their you have to go for system after that you will get lots of tab on your screen.

Search for notifications and actions click on that and you will see enabled options for notifications.

You just off which you want to turn off.  

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