Friday, September 18, 2015

There are lots of amazing and great animated dock application available in Windows like ObjectDock and RocketDock, the advantage of this application to manage and organize your applications shortcuts, programs, and running tasks on an attractive, animated dock.

You can also add extra functionality to your dock as widgets, such as a weather widget, a clock, a calendar, and a battery status widget.

There in Ubuntu also lots of Dock systems are available and these all available dock systems are awesome for use.

The best and awesome dock I have ever seen in CairoDock for Ubuntu or Linux operating systems.

This is really awesome with look there are different features where you can change your theme of your operating system. You can get lots of free themes and preference setting.

And I have already told you on my previous post that Ubuntu has great software repository support and it has software center support for free software library where you can find a different kind of useful software.

I have are not known for all those features why to use Linux or Ubuntu latest then I would like to recommend you to visit 10+ Reasons to Use Linux.

Now it's time to talk about how to install CairoDock in Ubuntu 15.04

Ubuntu Software Center

You all know there is software library which is known as Ubuntu Software Center. Just press Windows (Super button on Ubuntu) and now type Ubuntu Software Center you will get icon hit enter or click on Ubuntu Software Center  and they just go for search bar on Software Center now type CairoDock and hit enter you will get result with CairoDock now check at right side when you click it will show you install option and hit on install after few seconds it will appear you enter your password and finally hit password and that's it...

It will take a time to install and wait for few seconds and minutes depends on your internet speed.

Now Finally Press super button and type CiaroDock and by clicking on icon you can enable that on your Ubuntu 15.04 or any version of Ubuntu 

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