Sunday, September 27, 2015

As you know media access control is the unique identification number which is given to the hardware or network interfaces which is also known as the physical address and hardware address of the adapter.

IP address is the logical address which is given to the network. IP specifies the packets which are also known as the data grams. IP address is identifier for computer or device with the help of that network can pass message to one host to another.

In windows it's not tough to know the MAC and IP address which is assigned to our computer. There are various ways. If you are using internet then you can go through routers user list their you will find your computer information to see you computer information and computer properties you can select My Computer icon and Alt+Enter it will show you properties.

Now other method of knowing Mac Address and IP address is through ms dos Microsoft Disk Operating System or we simply say command prompt.

For Win 8/8.1 and Win 10 Press Windows Key + X = Now choose command prompt (admin). 
For Win 7 you can run command as admin that's it.

Now than after you will see black screen where you have to type the keyword ipconfig /all and hit enter

Find Mac Address

In above you can see the MAC address indicated as the Physical address which never changes for assigned devices. If you wish to change than it is possible. There different networking devices show it is showing different MAC address for different devices.

For IP address also you have to do same thing means you have to enter ipconfig / all now there you have to look for IPv4 Address.

Find IP Address

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