Monday, September 28, 2015

It's most important thing in Windows 10. In previous Windows versions you can access or customize your features but in Windows 10 you can't even touch them, yes Windows 10 has great features and awesome UI, those who loves user interface for them it's great windows.

It's bit difficult to get product key or activate Windows 10 without having product key. If you not activate your windows than you can access all the features like you can't change your theme or your wallpaper. Not even that you can't even access your settings.

It's most essential thing in windows 10 here i am going to share you how to activate your windows 10 operating system to access and customize all the features of windows.

For that you need to download KMS Activator. I think most of you have heard of KMS. If not than lets talk bit about KMS activator.

KMS Activator
It's one of the most popular activator used to activate windows OS and and Microsoft products like office s and etc...

KMSPico is the most successful, frequently updated and 100% clean tool to permanently activate any version of Windows and Microsoft office within matter of seconds.

KMS activator has it's own site where you can download activator for windows products and etc...
Recently KMS released activator for Windows 10. It's now integrated it's easy for windows users.

Instructions for KMS activation
Activate Windows 10First of all you need to download KMS activator form official site. Or even you can download from Torrent files.

After downloading activator you need to disable those active antivirus and spywares on your computer. Those can block some important activation files and may be the process.

After that you need to install that downloaded KMS activator than it will remove not activated message from your computer.

Before checking that you can restart your computer. Sometime that doesn't work without restarting computer. It's better to restart and then after check the system properties.

To Check system properties you can click on computer and press ALT+ENTER = show you the properties of my computer or even you can check through the new setting of windows 10 that's it... 

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