Sunday, September 27, 2015

Lots of new blogger and geek bloggers are frustrated with their commenting system of blogger lets compare Google and Blogger default commenting system.

Take a look below image left side you can see blogger default comment system and right side you can see Google+ latest and faster commenting system with awesome UI design.

Blogger vs Google+

Most of the bloggers are frustrated with blogger comment system because it's is bit different in look it's user interface is not attractive.

Google+ commenting system is very faster and it's user interface is very simple and attractive where you will get lots of facilities you can tag your friends or you can mention your friends. It's very efficient way to comment.

Now lets talk about Blogger.Com, when we create a blog their we will also get Google+ commenting system. It is integrated by Google with blogger. It's very simple to enable on blogger blog.

Do follow below steps 

  1. Log in your blogger dashboard. 
  2. Now you can see their Google+ tab click on that and it will content at right side.
  3. At right side you will get check box where you have to click and that's it. 
  4. Click on view blog button to see Google+ commenting system is enabled or not. 
enable google+ comment

Note: if these steps doesn't work then you have to follow these steps. 

Now same way go to dashboard and hit on template tab where you will get design of your blog. 
their you have to click on EDIT HTML button. 

Then after you will get codes on your screen now press CTRL+F= it's is find now search for below code,
<div class='post-footer'>
Then after you have to paste given code below it,
<div class='cmt_iframe_holder' data-viewtype='FILTERED_POSTMOD' expr:href='data:blog.canonicalUrl'/>
Now it's time to save the template and view blog posts for Google+ comments

Enjoy and happy blogging... 

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