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After long am back with another top 10 category post. That today i wanna share about Linux operating system. Yes it is open source open operating system and this is really awesome with it's features and its user interface design. It is very simple and easy to use.

There is not any restriction on Linux because it is open source. Everything is gonna be open for you in Linux the only thing that you need to change is your mind how you wanna explore with your broad mind.
10+ Reasons That You Should Switch to Linux

Before going through post i wanna give you short introduction of Linux.

In simple words,
Linux is Open Source Operating System Which is Modelled on UNIX and Written in C Language
Linux is the best known as open source operating system and most widely used operating system in the world. Which is freely distributable, cross-platform operating system based on UNIX that can be installed on PC. Linux is distributed for the use of server, desktop. 

some of the most popular Linux OS are Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Red Hat and openSUSE.

Reasons that you should switch to Linux immediately

There are lots of reasons that you should switch to Linux most widely programmers uses Linux and other peoples also uses Linux to explore their mind with different ideas because Linux is open source operating system. Where the word open source help people to be creative with their programming and other skills.

1. Linux is Available Free of Cost
Yes, yes and yes Linux is available free. You and anyone can use it freely you don't need to pay price for that.

Where said,
The majority of Linux variants are available for free or at a much lower price than Microsoft Windows.
Check the Difference between Linux vs Windows. It is published by computerhope where you will find complete distinction between linux and windows.

2. Driver Support in Linux
Linux comes with hardware support and many more. Linux provides automatic installation of hardware driver.

While doing research about driver are included in Linux, said,
Some claim that Windows 7 supports more hardware than Linux. In fact, the reverse is true. Windows 7 supports very little hardware – most hardware requires you to install drivers from the manufacturer.
Yes and i agree with that windows 7 also support driver but not more than linux. Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 these supports limited hardware driver support then Linux.

3. Runs on Any Platform 
Yes linux is everywhere if you want. Linux can be installed on phones, desktop, laptop and even super, micro, mini and mainframe computer. There is wider range and wider scope of linux operating system in the world with it's use. 

4. Security
Linux is far better in security. Most widely linux is used for server purpose. Linux is more secure then windows operating system. Linux community provides server security and they always fix them.

5. More software is available
If we talk then linux is not only an operating system. It also comes with the lots of program support for users to make easy for users. It incldes lots of useful programs like web browsers and text editors and great packages like Libre support and mailing system support.

Here are some great and most powerful reason that you would like to use Linux. 

6. Rapid evolution means it changes day by day.

7. Powerful shell system, it's UI, GUI system is great then other.

8. Multiple desktop are supportable in Linux operating system.

9. Independent distribution and lots of repository providers.

10. Greater community support.

11. Smooth and easy updating process.

12. It's very fast than windows. 

Thanks for reading the post. If any other you want to mention on this list then come below on comments...

So then we can share your views about Linux also.

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