Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Since the release of Windows 10 and its browser Microsoft Edge, it has come up with many positive and negative topics. Microsoft backed Edge describing it as one of the most fast and awaited brower till date. Yes, it is leaving some of its bad aspects. There are many of the features that the Edge had brought up with. One of the most important feature about Edge is that you can make note to the web i.e. you can write on the web. 

Microsoft is the first and only the web browser that lets you to write on the web or make notes, doodle and directly highlight on the web page using various tools. You can then save the web note for the future use or share it in all usual ways.You can send your friend "subtle hints" about birthday gifts or just make fun by making different memes to celebrities.

The following example is tested on one of the pages of

Now if you want to make a Web note you need to add the page you are on.

Then use the "Make a Web Note" option to the upper right corner of your web page for making note.

Now start making your important notes to the respective web page.
You can use various tools and features available in the bar of the Edge like highlighting using highlighter, erasing the unwanted notes and mistooken notes. You can also clip down the required portion of the web page and save it.

Stay tuned with us. We will come up with some of the new features and tips & tricks related with new Windows 10.

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