Sunday, August 23, 2015

Windows media player is one of the oldest and most popular music player of Windows operating which is provided by Microsoft. In Old days doesn’t have that much features and it looks old fashioned too. But with changing Windows Operating system Media player also modified, lots of features or added and few features are excluded from media player.

But still it is most popular and best media player for windows users. Because it is very easy to use and it supports different kinds of video and formats.

This post is listed in FAQ section because one of our regular reader asked us how to display menu bar on media player, how to show music list on media player, and how to open the location of the music.

To show menu bar in Windows Media Player, you don’t have to hard work. Just open media player by following these steps.

Windows Media Player: Go to start >> now go for Run >> now type WMPLAYER >> press enter or okay.

If you are not getting menus on your media player then just press ALT button form keyboard, and next moment below the title bar menus will pop ups. Now at last you will find Show Menu Bar. Or you can directly CTRL+M, you will get toll bars on your media player.

Menus in Wmplayer

To show music list on media player, first of all you have to switch your media player into now playing mode. To get now playing mode you have to get menus by following above steps. Now just hit on View menu>> then below you will see Now Playing mode just hit on that.  Or you can directly press shortcut you can press CTRL+3 for now playing mode.

Now to get list, In Now Playing mode Right click and you will get Show Lists.

Show List

List Displayed

To get music location, You can directly get the music stored location through windows media player. Before that you have to do above things otherwise you will not able to get.

First of all get music list by using above steps and then after just select music that you want to get location. Now right click on music and click on Open file location.  That’s it…

Open File Location

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