Saturday, August 22, 2015

Windows 10 added new features with that Windows 10 also added new shortcut key for better and fast access with their newly added features.

Windows Key + Left/Right = This shortcut is used for left or right the currently active windows to left quadrants and right quadrant. There are four quarters of the screen in Windows 10 that means you can do four tasks at a time. Their you can show your four currently active windows

There are two additional shortcuts also which are Windows +Up / Down which are used to arrange those windows to Top and Bottom.

Windows 10 New Shortcuts

ALT+Tab = That shows the task views window. Where you can see all your currently running tasks.
Windows Tab = New task view opens and by clicking you can switch your task view.
Windows Key + CTRL + D = This will create new virtual desktop.
Windows Key + CTRL+ F4 = This will help you to close current virtual desktop.
Windows Key + CTRL+ Left or Right  = This shortcut is used to slide virtual desktop one to another.

These combined shortcut keys are very special in Windows 10. If you are new to Windows 10 then you can also do experiment with it. Like what i want to tell you is you can place those currently activated windows can be placed at corner side with the help of mouse drag and drop. 

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