Sunday, August 30, 2015

This post will help to learn the shortcut keys of Mozilla Firefox. Firefox is one of the renowned open source web browsers. There are lots of features in Firefox. This below list is the major list of shortcut keys that are used in Mozilla Firefox. These keys will help to do work faster with browser. 

No further wait for shortcuts, here you can see below and do experiment with them... if i forgot to add some just comment below on comment box. 

Mozilla Firefox Shortcut Keys

  1. Ctrl+T = Used to create new tab on Mozilla.
  2. Ctrl+F = Mostly used for find or search.
  3. Ctrl+W = You can close currently active tab or page on Firefox.
  4. Ctrl+N = New window of Mozilla Firefox.
  5. Ctrl+B = Bookmark.
  6. Ctrl+J =Library pan
  7. Ctrl+H = History pan
  8. Ctrl+G = Find
  9. Ctrl+D  = Set current page as a bookmark.
  10. Ctrl+S =Save as
  11. Ctrl+P = Print the page.
  12. Ctrl+O = Open
  13. Ctrl+I = Bookmark pan
  14. Ctrl+U = Source code of current web page.
  15. Ctrl+R =Refresh the page.
  16. F5 = This shortcut is also used for refresh the page.
  17. Ctrl+1 = Select 1st Tab.
  18. Ctrl+2 = Select 2nd Tab.
  19. Ctrl+3 = Select 3rd Tab.
  20. Ctrl+4 = Select 4th Tab.
  21. Ctrl+5 = Select 5th Tab.
  22. Ctrl+6 =Select 6th tab
  23. Ctrl+7 =Select 7th tab
  24. Ctrl+8 =Select 8th  tab
  25. Ctrl+9 = Select Last Tab.
  26. Ctrl+Tab = Choosing the tab from left side.
  27. Ctrl+shift+tab = Choosing the tab from right side.
  28. Ctrl+ +(plus sign) = used for For Zoom In
  29. Ctrl+ -(minus sign) = used for Zoom Out
  30. Ctrl+ K = focus on search bar... or address bar 
  31. Alt+ (Left Arrow) - Widely used for back the page or to come at previous page. You can directly press Backspace from keyboard. 
  32. Alt+ (Right Arrow) - Widely used for forward the page or you can simply press Shift+Backspace. 
  33. Alt+Home - It will take you to home page of your browser.

I bet these shortcuts will definitely help you to increase your productivity with Mozilla Firefox and this will help you to speed up yourself with Mozilla Firefox. 

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