Sunday, August 16, 2015

Windows is bringing update on Windows 10
Windows 10 is recently working on its latest update which is secretly named as Threshold wave 2. This update is code-named as Threshold wave 2 because initially Windows 10 was code-named as Threshold. And is mostly expected to be on work this October. This means that the update will be available in less than 3 months from the initial release of Windows 10. This update is the first non-patch update for Windows 10. Over 50 million users must be gratified and for this the company is working on it.

Threshold 2 will mainly focus on the optimizations and stabilization of OS. This newly work-on update will include the universal messaging app, some of the Edge improvements i.e. additional Edge extensions. Updates will included to Universal App Platform too. It is seemed that the delay made by the OS team on app-installs to an SD card with Windows 10 will be seen in this update. Still more about the Threshold wave 2 is yet to be released. 

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