Monday, August 17, 2015

Before going through tips and tricks about Microsoft EDGE. I want to recommend you to visit some more links related with Microsoft EDGE.
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After all those above tips and tricks lets get into Microsoft EDGE. It's new browser developed by Microsoft for specially Windows 10. It's one of the most faster web browsers. 

1. Address bar in EDGE
EDGE is very simple and very fast because this don't have that much great features like Google chrome supports. 

The address bar of edge is at the middle of the home tab or home page. Where you can type URL and press enter. It will automatically get top of the browser.

2. Private Browsing in EDGE
When you use InPrivate tabs or browsing in EDGE, your browsing data (like cookies, history, or temporary files) isn't saved on your PC after you're done. Microsoft edge deletes temporary data from your computer PC after all of your InPrivate tabs are closed.

Or You can simply CTRL+SHIFT+P = Private Browsing. 

3. CTRL+N = For Creating New Windows on Microsoft EDGE.
4. CTRL+D = For Creating Favorite List of Reading List on Microsoft EDGE. Means Bookmarking the size.  
5. CTRL+G = To display your reading list, After pressing the shortcut reading list will appeared at right side of your edge screen.
6. CTRL+H = To see history of Microsoft EDGE.
7. CTRL+J = To see downloaded file and documents.
8. CTRL+K = To create clone of selected page in edge
9. CTR+L = To access the address bar on EDGE.
10. CTRL+P = For print command.
11. CTRL+I = To display favorite list or bookmarked list.
12. CTRL+T = Create new tab on EDGE.
13. CTRL+R = Refresh page.
14. CTRL+E = Select address and display ? sign.
15. CTRL+W = Close currently active tab.
16. CTRL+ [+][-] = Zoom in or Zoom out
17. CTRL+1,2,3,4 so on... = Select the tab.
18. CTRL+F4 = Close currently active tab on edge.
19. F12 = Developers tools.
20. F7 = Caret Browsing.
21. Alt+D = Select address bar.
22. Alt+J = Feedback and Reporting [ only works when you select address or URL by pressing Alt+D]

There in EDGE you can change the theme of browser, Simply you have to go to setting and just at the theme section choose theme that you want... 

Import and Setting
You can show favorite bar on your edge browser. Just see above picture, there you will get the option for enabling favorite bar. 

If you want to import your favorites from another browser that is also possible. Just click on import favorites from another browser then after choose the browser from you want to import and click on import that's it. 

Good feature is that you can have virtual assistant [cortana] control over your browser Microsoft EDGE. 

You can enable caret browsing to select text, i have above mentioned about caret browsing. You can also change the text size, reading mode and many thing...  

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