Thursday, August 13, 2015

Lets welcome our new guest on BCTalk (Blogger Celebs Talk), Mr. Saurabh Tiwari, blogger and SEO expert from India.

Celebs Bio
Name: Saurabh Tiwari
Address : Delhi
Country : India
Blogging Experience : 6 month

Saurabh Tiwari

Section 1 : About Blogger

Introduce yourself  and your blogging career? Mistakes and problems occurred while doing blogging.

I am Saurabh Tiwari SEO Cum Newbie blogger at ALL DIGITAL TRENDS. Basically I am from Pratapgarh U.P but Past 6 years I am leaving in Delhi. I Had Inspired about blogging when Rohan (talented blogger form Mumbai) get Interviewed in Naveen’s Blog (A Man behind F5therefresh). In blogging journey I made a lot of mistakes. AdSense account not approved at once, Alexa reduced and so many thing (You can check out here”Life with and without Aha-now ”) .My hobbies are playing cricket and Do Research about new thing.

What is technology blogging and SEO according to you?

For me blogging is all about to connect with other blogger and learn a lots of thing with each other. And SEO is long time investment by which you can make to drive more traffic and get visibility of your blog/website in SERP.

How you inspired to work as SEO professional? I think it is boring work to do research, research and research.

The reason behind I choose SEO because its gives me chance to learn a lots of new thing (So according to me SEO is all about Learning and learning).

Technology changes every day, so how do you change yourself with new technology?

Simply put - I have subscribed a lots of tech blogs, and reading reviews, magazines and searching on internet and attend online conference and tech Event.

How do you entertain yourself if you feel bored while blogging? Or Blogging entertains you?

Well I’m newer bored but except blogging I love to watch Hollywood movies and blogging itself entertains me.

Who is the special person in your life? And How?

Anyone who is connected with me where else it my Facebook friends, College friend, my family and also my new family member my fiancé are special for me.

Section 2 : Goals and About Blogging and SEO

What Is SEO and why SEO is required for every blogger and how to maintain that?

SEO is the act of adapting a website to increase its ranking in organic (vs paid), crawler-based listings of search engines. SEO Strategy Will Help People to Find Your Website. To regularly success in SEO you have to keep yourself update with current SEO trends and at times reevaluate their New SEO strategies.

What are your upcoming plans to lift your blogging career high? Or you want to be static whole life. 

I won’t want to be static whole life but right not don’t have special plan just I will carry on with my blog Alldigitaltrends and improve it.

What you prefer Blogger or WordPress, if you prefer blogger why? Reasons and If WordPress why? Reasons, I have heard that WordPress is better for SEO and etc… is that true?

When it comes to choose between Blogger and WordPress I prefer blogger because it's easier in use and everything is clear to me. Yes you’re right WordPress is better for SEO but I Agree with Vinay Kachhara Sir (Founder of Aha-now Community) “Ultimately it all culminates to your relationships, content, and your reach"

Are you a money blogger? How much you earn from blogging, is that sufficient for you? Do you have sufficient readers and visitors? (If possible how much).

No I am not a money blogger yet but in future I want earn some money from my blog.

What is content quality is there any criteria’s to meet quality of content?

Content Quality is all about Deliver enhanced outcomes to your reader. I mean just make your content meaningful, friendly and link-able.

What else you do except blogging? Are you a job holder? Or you quit your job for blogging why?

As I mentioned above except blogging I love to watch movie and reading other blog-post. Yes I am Job holder I am working as SEO at Joomdev Corporation.

Do you do guest blogging if yes then, why guest blogging is important? (Benefits).

Not Mostly but Sometime I prefer do Guest posting because it’s a great way to establish a relationship with other blogger and it’s give me a chance to Receive further invitations in other blog.

How social Medias and relationship with other bloggers is important?

Social media and keep relationship with other blogger helps you to learn new things and strategy about blogging. In fact, my major traffic comes from social media and blog communities.

How many hours you spend on blogging each day or every week?

I feel this is very good and hard question for me. Well, I tried so hard to maintain my daily schedule but I can’t manage my time sometimes. Like My office timing is night so it’s little bit difficult to work daily on my blog or publish new post daily or weekly.

My Final Question: How to maintain SEO of blogger? How to get high traffic by optimizing blog is there any key points.

Creating and promoting unique and valuable content for reader not google is still the most important success factor with or without SEO.

Section 3 : Message for Fans and Readers 

Well my friends and readers is everything to me. I just want to say that creating quality and unique content and way of marketing is the reason for a blog’s success.

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