Inspirational Talk with Influential Blogger Ikechi Awazie

For blogger celebs talk our next guest  is Ikechi Awazie, He is the inspirational and influential blogger of blogging industry.
Celebs Bio 
Name : Ikechi Awazie
Address :  Lagos 
Country : Nigeria
Blogging Experience : 2 Years
Blogger at : (Be A Light to The World)
Publications, E-Books : Stop Doing This To Your Dreams (Upcoming)
The truth is that everyone can be an inspiration. I, you and everybody can make a difference. The problem is that people think that making a difference means you need to be the main actor
Influential Blogger Ikechi Awazie

Lets get started with our first question,

Section 1: About Blogger

Introduce yourself and blogging career. And mistakes that you have done and problems occurred while doing blogging.

My name is Ikechi Awazie. I am a Nigerian who has a passion for writing and is a knowledge geek. I love playing games and engaging in creative pursuits. I am the firstborn of my family.

I have been blogging for two years and I certainly made some mistakes in my blogging journey. The first was that I did not build any relationship with other bloggers in my first year. This made me struggle in terms of engagement.

My blog was a ghost town till I joined the Aha-Now Community owned by Harleena. This is where my blogging career took a major turnaround. Since then, I have done some guest posts, met some awesome bloggers and made friends in the Blogosphere

What is technology and blogging according to you? How you upgrade yourself with emerging technologies?

Technology is using Information and Commucation devices to make a difference in my community.

Blogging to me is sharing my ideas and opinion to humanity. Helping people to solve their problems is what makes blogging unique and different from other types of media. Furthermore, the best thing about blogging is that it fosters collaboration. I get to work with great minds.

I keep abreast of emerging technology by reading from other blogs. I am a curious personality who loves to learn and I love to get my hand dirty. This has helped me to keep abreast of emerging technology.

How would you like to inspire others for blogging and to make good relationships with other bloggers?

I believe that every blogger has a voice and a message. I wish to let bloggers know especially newbies that there is someone out there who is waiting to hear your message. There is someone you can inspire with your unique skill and experience. You just have to be focused, patient, and be determined to make a difference. I believe in this truth and this is what I express in my blog that bloggers and non-bloggers can make a difference.

Knowing that every blogger can be an inspiration, I love to meet bloggers. I encourage other bloggers by reading their post and making a comment. This is why it is difficult to point out which bloggers inspire me the most as I have been inspired by so many bloggers in many areas in my life.

What kind of person you are and what is special quality of yours that you want to share with us?

I am a fan of wisdom and change. I love to challenge my beliefs and ideas all the time which is why I am not an advocate for status quo and I sometimes struggle with routines.

I am open-minded and can get inspiration from the most insignificant thing. I believe that everyone is important in a way which is why I open to criticism. There is a gold nugget in every dirt.

Section 2: Goals and more about Blogging

Bit more about your site mission and site slogan? Write about publications and e-books in detail for readers. What they will find new in your publications and e-book?
Be A Light to the World is a blog that is aimed to help readers through stories and inspiration to make a difference in the world. This is why its slogan is so simple which is “Making a Difference”.

People struggle with being relevant. They disregard their unique gifts and talent because they feel they don’t matter. The World has trained our minds with self-imposed standards which makes people to embrace status quo and ditch creativity. There is so much negativity and only a few are willing to stand out.

I believe that by reaching out to someone with a story, it will stimulate action, significant change and make one live his life intentionally.

My blog also provides personal development tips that are thought provoking. Each post is meant to be easy to read and provide rethinking thought recipes to let humanity know that they are special. One doesn’t have be a president, celebrity or star to make a difference, Being in this world shows that you matter.

I haven’t published any ebook yet but I have an upcoming ebook which will be out before the year runs out.

What are your upcoming plans to lift your blogging career high? Or you want to die being a blogger or you want to do something different to change world.
I enjoy blogging and I know I will be in this career till the very end. However, I want to build a community that will inspire change and make a difference. So my goal is to keep being consistent in my blogging career till my blog becomes a community.

What you prefer Blogger or WordPress, if you prefer blogger why? Reasons and If WordPress why? Reasons
This is difficult to answer because initially I started blogging by using the Blogger platform and then out of curiosity I switched to WordPress. I believe both platforms are great.

What is content quality is there any criteria’s to meet quality of content?
My criteria for quality content is that one’s content should be able to solve a problem or provide a solution to his audience. It should promote engagement and if possible collaboration.

What Is SEO and why SEO is required for every blogger and how to maintain that?
As information keeps increasing at a rapid rate on the internet, it seems that there is too much information online. This becomes a problem for bloggers who intend to provide solution to users’ problems through their content because there is so many on the same niche or topic.

Search Engine Optimization comes to the rescue. SEO ensures that content is understood by Search Engines in such a way that these content can get to the users who are searching for such topic.

To be able to maintain the SEO of a blog, a blogger needs to create quality content that resolve the problems of his audience. He then needs to apply some SEO techniques like making sure that images are filled with alt tags, using long tail keywords for Titles etc… For more information, there are many SEO tips online that you can check out.

Do you do guest blogging if yes then, why guest blogging is important? (Benefits)
As I said earlier, I have done some guest posts in the blogosphere. Guest post are very important as no blogger is an island. There are so many benefits of Guest posting but for me here is why Guest post is so important:

1. Exposure: I have been able to increase my exposure and more people are getting to know my blog
2. Networking. I have made friends with so many great minds. I have become buddies with so many passionate bloggers who are constantly helping me in my blogging career.
3. Credibility and Authority: The more guest posts I write, the more I build my authority which also makes me build trust among readers. The more I get readers to trust me, then the more I can make a difference in my niche.
4. Traffic: People come to visit my blog after they read a guest post.

How many hours you spend on blogging each day or every week?
I spend about 9 hours every day on blogging.

Section 3: Message for Your Fans and Readers

I want to say thank you to my readers for giving me the opportunity to make a difference. Kudos to all my Blogging buddies for their consistent support. To my visitors, do check out my blog and let’s build a community that will inspire change. You are Gem and deserve to be heard.

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