Sunday, August 16, 2015

If you are using the recent version of Windows (Windows 10), then you might experience the Groove Music as your default music player app when you first start using it. It's a great app in comparison with the Music app from Windows 8/8.1 with a lot of features included in it.

If you want the older ways to play music in your recent versions of Windows or if you want not to continue Groove as your default music player then you need to follow few easy steps:

  1.  Now you are familiar with the Settings in Windows 10 now. So, first of all you need to open the "Settings" and click the "System" settings in the option as shown in the images below.
    Go to "Settings"Choose "System" in Settings
  2. You will then realize the "Default Apps" option in the list of many. Choose "Default Apps" for the further steps.
    Choose "Default Apps" in System
  3. Then scroll it down until you find the "Music Player" in the Default Apps list.
    Scroll down & choose "Music Player" option
  4. Choose your easy alternative. It might be the Windows Media Player, iTunes or VLC Media Player, etc. Confirm it.
    Choose your best alternative
  5. Now you select your favorite music/song and go test for it. You will be satisfied. 
So in this way you can change the default App Groove Music to your own chosen App for Music.

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