Tuesday, August 11, 2015

There are lots of features in Windows 10, from all those Tablet Mode is also one of most amazing and best feature of Windows 10. When you active your Tablet Mode in windows 10 the start menu then goes full screen as do Windows store apps and setting.

Most of you have already used Windows 8 and 8.1, there is not a feature of Start menu instead of start menu you can see tablet mode or store type full screen apps.

There are two ways to enable Tablet mode in Windows 10, one from action center and another from setting. Here i am going to talk about both the ways to help you easily enable your tablet mode and easily disable your tablet mode.

Steps to follow, 

  • Click on start menu button or you can directly press Windows Key from keyboard to get start menu. 
  • Now click on Settings. Then after you will see setting window on your screen. Where you can see various types of settings. 
  • There you can display settings, inside display setting you will find Tablet Mode option, just click on Tablet Mode and Click on On Off button. 
Enable Tablet Mode in Windows 10

Enable Tablet Mode in Windows 10

Enable Tablet Mode in Windows 10

Simple steps to enable tablet mode in Windows 10
  • There is nothing to do to enable Tablet Mode, it's very simple and shortcut, just click on Action Center  of Windows 10. At bottom of the action center you can see Tablet Mode, click on that that's it.
Enable Tablet Mode in Windows 10

Check this video for more

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