Monday, August 17, 2015

GodMode in WindowsWindows 10 shifted lost of features in comparison of older versions of operating system. With the help of GodMode you can access all of the settings of Windows 10 at one place.

GodMode is a hidden folder and hidden feature of Windows 10,  that makes available a high range of handy customization for your PC. The best part of GodMod is it is easy to handle and access.

To enable this you have do few things on your computer, Before going through it, make sure that you are using main or administrative account. If not then make sure that you know the administrator password.

Now Create a new folder on your Windows desktop (New > Folder) or You can directly press (Ctrl+Shift+N = New Folder). and save with like this...
Copy above text and paste on your folder name, then after just hit enter. That's it, it will just take few seconds to create new folder named as MyGodMode.

When you open that folder then you will have access to your all of the computer setting at one place.

Don't forget,
  1. Don't forget to insert the period after MyGodMode. MyGodMode is string and concatenated by period. 
  2. After then put that registry code, inside curly braces. 
  3. After hitting enter it will show you icon like control panel... 

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