Friday, August 21, 2015

Videos are interactive way to present information in the form of combination of text, images, and graphics which is  simply known as multimedia. That helps user to understand anything in better way.

To insert videos on blog post you just have to click on film strip, there in blogger tools bar you will find film strip icon if you click on that icon you will get browser option choose your video from location.
insert a video
After clicking on Insert a Video icon you will get window on your screen. From there you have to upload video.
  • There you can drag and drop a video.
Insert Video
  • You can also import video from YouTube. From others YouTube channel and from your channel also. 
  • From you phone also you can upload video. 
  • You can directly make video through webcam and you can upload it to blog posts. 
If you have video on your computer just drag and drop that video on that window, and next moment that will start uploading. 
youtube video

your channel youtube videos

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