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Today for BCTalk, we have one of the most talented tech geek and inspirational blogger Sasidhar Kareti, blogger from India and founder of  Ask Me Fast For A Solution (

Celebs Bio
Name : Sasidhar Kareti
Address : Kavali, Andhra Pradesh
Country : India
Blogger at : htttp://
Development Projects,
Doing some ground work on some projects as of now. 
Will let you know when I Star the development
"It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation"
Sasidhar Kareti, Founder of

Lets get started with first questions

Section 1 : About Blogger's Life

Introduce yourself and your blogging career? Mistakes and problems occurred while doing blogging. 

Hi, my name is Sasidhar Kareti and I am the Spiderman (just kidding). I am a techie, blogger, photographer and a wanna-be traveler. Technology and blogging have got under my skin which inspired me to start up a blog with a name Amfas Tech ( three and half years ago. The idea of blogging popped up when I was on sick bed in hospital back in 2012. If anything you’d like to get inspired, this is it: 
“sick beds are not meant for depressions. If you got any, ditch them. Because, you got a lot of time to think and plan your strategies to live out of box.”
Apart from writing and coding, I am a gamer, love to play all kind of action games but never got a chance to hands on every high pounding game. I watch a lot of movies, literally a lot. That refreshes my mind, body and soul. I also love listening to music when I am coding. I think they have a perfect sync between them and I can sense it well.

What is technology and blogging according to you?
Technology, in the perspective of a niche, is another topic to write on our blogs. But, in the perspective of a tech-blogging relation, it is much more. If the technology has not improved this much, we’d have had blogs on the real paper scribbled with a pen with our own hands.

Blogging is a never ending process. It is not a separate avigation from writing. I’ve shared my views about it in a blog post “How people used to blog in olden days?”. Check that out if possible to read my views.

How do you know about blogging, who inspired you to do blogging?
You’d laugh if I say that my motivation came from fooling the college staff in labs. I first created a blog to share the working piece of code among our classmates. My friends used to copy down my programs in to their systems, execute them and get the job done for that session. Helping out friends by fooling the professors is the core motivation, if I should confess.

Later, it turned out to a passion. I started sharing my views and knowledge through my blog and that felt great and I still feel the same way.

For me, everyone inspires. Every blogger has his/her own style. I tend to learn from them. Because, I believe that originality always has its specialty. All my fellow bloggers, friends always inspire me with their charming blogging skills. I am so lucky to have them around (not mentioning names because, I’m afraid I might miss someone deserved to be mentioned).
How do you entertain yourself if you feel bored while blogging? Or Blogging entertains you?
I’ll just close everything that disturbs me and watch a movie or a couple of movies back to back. That refreshes my mind well. I also play games on my laptop when I get bored.

Blogging of course entertains but not always. Blogging is a creative task that needs good mood to work on. So I prefer not to spoil the spirit of it while I’m not in good mood.

Is there any special person in your life and How?
There are many special ones in my life. Everyone has a unique character and qualities to learn from. Those will inspire, motivate and let us move forward. If anyone tells that they don’t have any such special ones, they are surely lying. Everyone will have their influencers in their lives.

In what age you started your blogging career?
I’ve started blogging during the middle of my college days. At the age of 20 I guess. That’s not an early age so. I wonder to see much younger people staking up blogging as a career these days. Rohan is the first such guy I’ve met. One year of blogging and here he is now inspiring a lot of people.

Blogging, as a career, unlike other careers, have no restriction of age factor. “Don’t lose hope if you are already 50+ and don’t waste time if you are still 16” is the real motive of blogging.

What is your special quality that you want to share?
Writing. I’ve literally started writing at the age of 11. My father’s has been a great inspiration since those days. He encouraged me to the top of the mountain. I used to write about what I used to invent (play things) in books. May be, that habit is what amusing me now while doing it on web.

(Wow! I am a born tech blogger (giggling)).

Section 2 : About Blogging and Goals 

Bit more about your site mission and site slogan? If single niche why? And if multi niche why? Reasons, which niche is batter for blogging?

Amfas (Ask Me For A Solution) tech was actually started to help out people like my classmates (remember me talking about inspiration for above questions?). I used to share my technical knowledge with them. That after refining and through consistent evolution is now what amfas tech is.

The motive of amfas tech is to take the awareness of using technology to every educated person. The technical advancement of the country will not come with super smart mobile phones in the market but with the total knowledge of how to use them in daily life.

I also fight against spammers and scammers. Spammers/scammers kill the interest and creates misconceptions that keep them away from blogging and web entrepreneurship. We need flowers to blossom, not to wither in budding stage.

Apart from technology, I write about blogging and internet marketing. Because I feel some kind of connection among these three niches.

What are your upcoming plans to lift your blogging career high? Or you want to die being a blogger or you want to do something different to change world.
I am planning to implement creative advertising strategies which would discourage the black hat link building techniques and improve brand visibility. I want to keep my blog transformation as long as I live. Let’s see if this changes the world.

What you prefer Blogger or WordPress, if you prefer blogger why? Reasons and If WordPress why? Reasons
As for now, I don’t see any technical requirement to my blog to migrate to WordPress. I’m of course planning to migrate to WordPress in future but it needs a lot setouts rather than just a hosting and WordPress installed on it.

How much you earn from blogging, is that sufficient? Do you have sufficient readers and visitors? (If possible how much).
I earn sufficient enough to pay my bills and help my father run my family. As there is no limit to the numbers, there is no limit to the sufficiency here. Even a blogger with 10M subscribers says that he had no sufficient readers. I currently have subscribers in thousands and I feel it’s pretty low count.

What Is SEO and why SEO is required for every blogger and how to maintain that?
SEO is wrongly interpreted among bloggers these days. SEO helps our content visible on SERPs. The better SEO you follow, the better visibility you would get. SEO is changed a lot. Its intelligent algorithms can now detect if someone is really following the rules or just manipulating them. So, my advice is just focus on the quality content and better navigability on your blog. The rest will be taken care by the angels from heaven.

What else you do except blogging? Are you a job holder? Or you quit your job for blogging why?
I work on coding projects apart from blogging. They usually take a lot of time than blogging. No matter what job I do in future, I’ll not quit blogging. Some hobbies and passions are not meant to be left.

Do you do guest blogging if yes then, why guest blogging is important? (Benefits)
Yes! I do guest blogging. It somewhat helps in brand propagation through different channels (blogs). It helps to expand the reader base. The more mentions you get, the more visibility you’d get.

Apart from technical benefits, guest blogging helps to strengthen friendly-bond among bloggers. Improving bonds is what so called networking after all.

My Final Question : How would you like to inspire students for blogging? Lots of students said blogging consume time?

Blogging can also be taken as a career option as the chances of earning very good amounts are equal to those of corporate jobs. It might take time for parents to get convinced but will surely considered as a public rated career option in near future.

Blogging is no magic trick to earn or to become famous overnight. Won’t the computer programmers take time to develop something? Aren’t the other jobs taking time to learn and adapt into? Time has to be spent wisely in any career to get the maximum benefits.

Section 3 : Message for Fans and Readers

Blogging is no easy job though. It takes time to learn and do it in a right way. Wipe out ‘blogging’ in your easy-money-making programs list. Just like in other career options, you can only be successful if you like the job you are doing.

Someone asked me once, “I have been working 9 hours a day, 7 days a week for 7 years, but I still can’t earn a penny so far. What might be the reason? I am so frustrated. Please help me!” One would appreciate his admiration.

I said, “What do you write in your blog?”

“I copy the content from web and spin it using a software and re-post it on my blog again. I work so hard, but,…” he cried out. (No further conversation needed. Needed point was already mentioned).

Should he be really continuing blogging? The answer is simple NO.

He was busy counting the hours, days and years and forgot to add the real flavor of blogging. Don’t be desperate about the time that you are spending, care about it if are doing it the right way or not. The learning process will smoothen your time-being and convinces you to continue.

Thank you Satya for letting me open my heart out here.

I’ll be happy to meet you on Facebook and twitter. Catch me there to join my journey.

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