Thursday, August 6, 2015

In this tips we are going to help you on Cortana. Cortana is the one of the best feature of Windows 10. But at this release of Windows 10 Cortana is not completely available for all the countries. Means from all 190 countries few countries can only able to use Cortana all the features completely. It's features are not available for all the countries but it's available for all the Windows 10 users.

Here we are going to show you how to show and hide Cortana search box. If you want to add Cortana icon on your taskbar that is also possible on Windows. We will cover all this about Cortana in this post.

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So lets get started, 

Show Cortana Search Box

this is very simple, if you are currently installed your Windows 10 then, on your task-bar you will get Cortana search box. If you are not getting then only you can go for this steps. 
  • Just right click on Task-bar
  • Now menus will pop on your screen and there you will see Cortana also. Now point on that or click on Cortana and You will get Show search box, just click on that and you will get Cortana search box. That's it.
Show Cortana Search Box

Hide Cortana Search Box on Windows 10

Here in this you just have to repeated same steps as above. 
  • Right click on task-bar and click on Cortana now, you will see hidden option click on that and that's it. Your Cortana search box will get automatically disappeared.
Hide Cortana Search Box on Windows 10

Display Cortana Icon on Taskbar on Windows 10

In this you are going to display Cortana Icon instead of search box. It means it will not take more space of your task-bar. You can open any tasks as per your need. 

Display Cortana Icon on Taskbar on Windows 10

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