Sunday, August 9, 2015

Disable Quick Access in File ExplorerThere is new change in file explorer of Windows 10, while exploring you will get quick access, it means  you will get info about recently used file and folder.

i.e If you previously listened music on your computer, quick access will keep track of your previous used files and folders.  There in quick access you will find the shortcut link of your previously listened music.  

It means Microsoft is trying to be smart here by tracking your recently used files and folders and other information. 

In older version there you will find Favorite folder and inside Favorite folder you will find Recent Places. 

Disable Quick Access in File Explorer

  • Now press Windows + E = File Explorer or Press Windows + X + E = File Explorer. Then after you will get file explorer on your screen there you will find quick access. If this bothers you, you can disable. 
  • To disable click on View menu,  and go for Options. Click on General Menu there you will find Open File Explorer,  Now choose from Drop Down menus, replace Quick Access  with This PC. That's it.  
Disable Quick Access in File Explorer

Quick to This PC

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