Saturday, August 29, 2015

Broken links are known as dead links or permanently unavailable links are known as broken links. Which does not exist in google search engine or any other search engine. 
simply- breaking the path between one place to another place[e.g: bridge], as we can say with technological words dead links, unavailable links, improper links are known as broken links.
Broken Link
Broken Link

How broken links take place on sites or blogs.

Broken links take place on our/your/ site or blogs while placing hyperlinks or while using hyperlinks on our/your blogs. 

If you are using hyperlinks on your sites or blogs that time if you failed to put correct URL(Uniform Resource Locator) on your blogs that time it will take place on your blogs or websites. 

i.e if you are writing post and that post is related with another post... you are linking one post to another. You are linking your previous posts in new posts keyword.

Now, if you delete that previous post from your blog or website. That will become broken link for newer post. To solve this you have to take out that link from that post.

If we talk about advantage... there are no more advantages of broken links on our website or blog.

Disadvantages of Broken Links:

  1. Readers can't read your important posts.
  2. You will lose your important readers. 
  3. If you lose readers you will lose traffic.
  4. Readers can get frustrated. 
  5. They will not come for long. 
  6. Bounce rate will increase day by day.
[Note: If you don't want to lose readers and your traffic you have to resolve that problem ( resolve (remove) your broken links).  

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