Friday, August 21, 2015

Blogger Shortcut KeysDo you want to speed of your work? Do you want to write, edit format faster in blogger post editor? Then you should use these shortcut keys.

Yes, use should use these all. Because to speed up and boost your work.

If you are new in this field or in computing also. I bet you may not familiar with these shortcut keys. These shortcut keys are very simple to learn and remember.

If without using shortcut keys are you are publishing one post in one hour then by using shortcut keys that will help you to boost your work, you can publish you post in 30 minutes. That doesn't matter you are genius or not.

Now don't care anything and hit these shortcut keys on your keyboard so that you can understand and you can remember these by hitting on keyboard.

Keyboard Shortcuts,

  1. CTRL+ A = To Select All Text
  2. CTRL+ C = To Copy or Duplication 
  3. CTRL+ V = To Paste Copied Text 
  4. CTRL+ X = To Cut or Move
  5. CTRL+ Z = Used to do undo 
  6. CTRL+ Y = Used to do redo. 
  7. CTRL+ S = Used for save the post in editor
  8. CTRL+ B = Used for make text in bold format 
  9. CTRL+ I = Used to make text italics
  10. CTRL+ U = Used to underline the text on post editor
  11. CTRL + K = To Insert Hyperlink on select text, (Note : If you want to insert hyperlink on bullets and style then just select bullet and press CTRL+K. 
  12. CTRL+ Space = Clear the text format (This will only works when some formatted text is selected and you want to change that in normal)
  13. CTRL + F, CTRL + G = Both works for find or search text
  14. CTRL + SHIFT + V = Paste the text without doing change in text or without formatting. 
  15. CTRL + (++) = Zoom in blogger post editor
  16. CTRL + (--) = Zoom out blogger post editor
  17. CTRL = 0  = Normal size of blogger post editor or zoom out
  18. Tab = If you have inserted bullet it will change your bullet style or it will provide you new bullet with indent. 
  19. SHIFT + TAB = It will remove bullets and styles. Select bullet that you want to remove and press Shift+Tab, immediately it will remove your bullet

Mouse Shortcuts,

  1. If you wanna select any single word then just double click on that text that will be automatically get selected. 
  2. If you wanna select any line or paragraph then just triple click anywhere on that line or paragraph, will automatically get selected

Mouse and Keyboard Combined

  1. This is another tips to select text on post editor of blogger : Put your mouse cursor, from where you want to select your text and now press SHIFT from keyboard and put that cursor at the end point that you want to select.
  2. Do you want to move text by using keyboard and mouse : Now select that word or text that you want to move from one place to another, and now press ALT from keyboard and now just drag and drop text from one place to another. 
  3. Do you want to copy text by using keyboard and mouse : It's time to select the text or word that you want to copy, Now press CTRL from keyboard and just drag and drop.  

Correct if any wrong, lets have talk on comments... 

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