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As you know Microsoft word is one of the best and most popular word processing software. Where it allows a user to type edit and save their documents in different format and styles.

Mostly Microsoft Word is used for making a different type of text document, letter writings, thesis making and much more. While working with those work these below tricks will help you to do faster.

Here are few tips and tricks of Microsoft Word which will help you to work faster or get things done faster way.

10 Microsoft Word Tips

1. Shortcuts You Must Have to Know

These are most important shortcuts that everybody should have to know, these are the basic shortcut keys to do work faster in Microsoft Word. 

  1. CTRL+C=Copy
  2. CTRL+V=Paste
  3. CTRL+X=Cut
  4. CTRL+Z=Undo
  5. CTRL+Y=Redo
  6. CTRL+E=Center
  7. CTRL+R=Right
  8. CTRL+L=Left
  9. CTRL+J=Justify
  10. CTRL+S=Save
  11. CTRL+O=Open
  12. CTRL+P=Print
  13. CTRL+K=Hyperlink
  14. F5 = Go, Find, Replace
  15. F8 = Select Text

2. Select Text  Quickly

There are different ways to select text in Microsoft Word. These will help you to boost your work.
  • If you want to select only one word from the line, then just double click on that word that will automatically get selected. 
  • If you wanna select whole line or paragraph then triple click on that paragraph or line that you want to select. 
  • If you want to select everything that exists on currently active window just press CTRL+A = Select All.  

3. Double Click and Write Anywhere You Want

This will help you to write anywhere on the Microsoft Word document. Means if you double click on the blank space of Microsoft Word work area then you will get your cursor there. Now you have a type that what you want. This is very quick tips to writing anywhere that you want.  

4. Convert Formatted Text into Simple Text

If you are coping per-formatted text on your blog post, then they will look something different, so you need to change the format of those texts, without formatting text in Microsoft Word the text will appear in a different format. That will look bit odd. So just select the text Press

  1. CTRL+Space = Clear Formatted Text

5. Convert Single Lines into Headings (H1, H2, H3)

If you are making a book or writing long posts then you need to mention headlines or heading to indicate the posts. (i.e if you are making case study or thesis you must have to create heading without creating headings you cannot make table of content so better to make headings.

  1. CTRL+ALT+1 = Heading 1
  2. CTRL+ALT+2 = Heading 2 
  3. CTRL+ALT+3 = Heading 3 

6. Check Spelling and Grammar

Most of the while writing you may get some spelling mistakes and lots of grammatical problems in your word document. So to avoid those mistakes and errors you must have to use spelling and grammar tools of Microsoft Word. 
  1. F7 for Spelling and Grammar

7. Change Text in Different Cases

Most of the time you will need this tools to change your text cases. There are the different format of cases on Microsoft word, Capitalized, Uppercase, Toggle Case etc.To change text in various cases you can follow these rules.  
  1. CTRL+SHIFT+A = Uppercase
  2. SHIFT+F3 = to Change text in different cases.

8. Move Text Without Copying and Pasting

There are various ways to move text on a computer, here it's really amazing way to move text in Microsoft Word. You just have to follow some steps to move.

  1. Select Text
  2. Press F2 
  3. Put your cursor where you want to move that text. 
  4. Hit Enter.

9. Insert Unicode Characters

Unicode's are different standard characters which may be used for some special purpose. If you need copyright sign then you need to insert that from Unicode list, if you need trademark sign, then you need to insert that character from Unicode. You just have to follow few steps to insert Unicode.

  1. Make sure that NUM lock is enabled. 
  2. Now press ALT+0150 = - (It's is Unicode insertion code, that you have to type from your keyboard. 
To insert a Unicode character, type the character code, press ALT, and then press X. For example, to type a dollar symbol ($), type 0024, press ALT, and then press X

10. Go Find and Replace

These three tools are very special tools in Microsoft Word because these will help you to go from one place to another. Find text and terms and also, help to replace any word.
  1. CTRL+G = Go to
  2. CTRL+F = Find
  3. CTRL+H = Replace

Mouse and Keyboard Combined

  1. This is another tip to select text on post editor of blogger : Put your mouse cursor, from where you want to select your text and now press SHIFT from the keyboard and put that cursor at the end point that you want to select.
  1. Do you want to move text by using keyboard and mouse : Now select that word or text that you want to move from one place to another, and now press ALT from a keyboard and now just drag and drop text from one place to another. 
  2. Do you want to copy text by using keyboard and mouse : It's time to select the text or word that you want to copy, Now press CTRL from a keyboard and just drag and drop. 

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