Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Android emulator is a virtual mobile that can run inside any operating system. You can use mobile phone by installing android emulator.

If you are android game lover but you don't have android mobile phone right now, then you don't have to worry, if you have PC and Internet with you. You can download any android emulator and you can install it on your PC, want to play android game. See below screenshot.

However deciding which is the best android emulator might become bit difficult task for new users. So this post will help you to find which is the best and which is better to use.

Top 5 Free Android Emulators for Windows

1. BlueStacks

BlueStacks is the one of the most popular and widely used android emulator for windows and other platforms. It has lots of features than other emulators and it makes easy to use all the android applications. 

It is very easy to install and easy to use also. You can use third party apks by importing from windows also. This one has lots of features like you can enable camera for video call and other purpose. Most of other emulator don't allow that and some them may have problem with camera feature. 

2. GenyMotion

Genymotion was launched in June 2013 and the first commercial version was released in November 2013 this is also one of the most popular android emulator after bluestacks.

If you compare bluestacks and genymotion, from both genymotion has lots of feature than bluestacks. You can use different kind of emulators like you can nexus, samsung, blackberry and etc.

You can get different physical sizes emulator in GenyMotion by downloading your favorite android emulator. You can make tablet also. Genymotion has two million users worldwide. This application is mostly used by android developer.

3. Xamarin Android Player

Xamarin is a software development company. This is one also one of the great android emulator to use android applications. It's is less popular because most of the people not heard about this emulator. This has really great features like you can create different kinds of emulator devices like you can create on Genymotion same way.

Here in xamarin android player you can install different resolution size devices. This requires virtual dependencies so this will need Oracle Virtual Box to run this emulator.

4. Windroy

This requires virtual support like bluestacks. This is quite simple and it is light weight android emulator for windows.

You just need to create a path where you want to install this software and you have to install this, this will automatically install the dependencies to run this software on windows.

The best thing is this one provides android play store access. You can download android applications and use it.

5. Droid4X

Droid4X is latest released android emulator. This is really interesting because this one loads faster than other emulators.

One one screen resolution you can get to use this on windows yet. Previously you can't get android play store access you have to install android applications from third party system

Currently giving the android play store access to use applications. You don't need to know anything to use this android emulator because this will get automatically configured. 

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