Saturday, July 4, 2015

In previous post i talked about how to install oracle virtualbox oracles virtualbox to install operating systems. Oracle virtualbox is one the popular open source virtual software.

The other i have talked about how to install VMware on windows. This is one of the most popular used virtual machine software. Here also you can install operating systems like Windows XP, Windows 7/ 8 / 8.1 / 10 or Ubuntu and etc.

After installing VMware you should have to know how to create virtual machine on windows.
These are the basic steps to create virtual machine on VMware.

  • 1. Open VMware application and there you will find workstation 11 on VMware version 11. 

VMware workstation 11

  •  Now choose for Typical (Recommended) setting to create a workstation 11.0 virtual machine in a few easy steps.. 
  • If you want to install it on custom or advanced you will get some new features too. Create a virtual machine with advanced options, such as a SCSI controller type, virtual disk type and compatibility with older VMware products.


  •  Now here you have to choose disc to install from CD-ROM. If you have CD-DVD you must have to insert disc into drive to continue. 
  • If you have downloaded .iso file then you can choose from the location (browse location and choose iso file to install).
  • If you want to install operating system later then choose for i will install the operating system later and go for "Next".


Browse the location

Choose iso

  •  Here you have to type the virtual machine name and choose location where you want to install. "Next"

Name of Operating system

  •  Here you need to care about about maximus disk size in GB. Here i am installing windows 10 on my computer so it's default required site to install is 60 GB. For other that may be 40GB or 20GB will enough to install. 
  • And split you virtual disk into multiple file to save that OS correctly on disk drive. "Next" 

Split your disk

  •  Now it' will show you information about operating system that you are installing. 

Finish installation
Now finally you have created you own new virtual machine on VMware. Now you can install specified windows. 

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