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Adsense Ads on Websites and BlogsThis article is written for giving the idea about Adsense ads. Where to put your adsense and to maximize earning.

Adsense is product of Google and it is the one of the most important source of earning for blogger and other websites holders. Most of the bloggers and students are making through google adsense.

These are the 10 most common places that you can place your and according to your blogger template or site design. In this post we will talk about places not about how to place them in those places in this post we will just give you idea only...

Place Your Adsense Ads on These Areas

1. Sidebar and below posts 

2. Display ads on sidebar

3. Display ads below posts only

There are three default places to put adsense on your blog or website. You don't have to forget about these because these places get highest impression from your visitors. 
  1. Display in Sidebar and Posts Below : in this you will get two ads automatically when you set your setting 1. at right or left sidebar and 2. is at below post
  2. Only in the side bar of your blogger if you have right sidebar your adsense ad will automatically placed at right sidebar and if you have left then at left sidebar. 
  3. And the last one is place ad below the posts
Place Adsense Ads on Websites and Blogs
Note: you can put these ads by yourself, editing templates and adding new gadgets on blogger layout. 

4. You can put your Adsense ads below blog header 

There you put any size of ads, if you wishes to put responsive ads below header that also possible by creating new ads unit. 

Place Adsense Ads on Websites and Blogs

5. Put your Adsense ads next to your header section 

This can be done by changing some codes in template or changing blog design. Split your your header into two section one for header and one to display ads by your choice
Place Adsense Ads on Websites and Blogs

6. Put Ads on above footer section and below blog post section

This covers larger area because below blog post section there will be free space and above footer section also there is a free space where you can put your ads comfortable.
Place Adsense Ads on Websites and Blogs

7. Put Ads below post title or inside posts

By putting ads on below post tile you can generate huge amount of money because there you will get higher impression and user can click on those ads. 
Place Adsense Ads on Websites and Blogs

8. Put ads above blog posts

This is another great way to generate huge amount of money from Google adsense by place your ads above blog posts. 
Place Adsense Ads on Websites and Blogs

9. Place your ads on post footer

This means you are putting your ads above related posts. These is also the best place to show your ads and maximize your earning. 
Place Adsense Ads on Websites and Blogs

10. Place your Adsense ads on post of the body

After placing ads below post title and above post title this come on post body...
Place Adsense Ads on Websites and Blogs

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