Friday, June 5, 2015

Cortana is the powerful feature developed by Microsoft
Everyone is known to the release date of Windows 10 on July 29th. Everyone seems excited about the new features included in the newly OS. Some will help us lot in many ways like upgrading of the Project Spartan or Microsoft Edge will be revolutionary because it has already started affecting the market. Some there are some of the issues that will make the users who are increasingly making their reservations of Windows 10 a little depressed because there will be some losses along with the upgradation of the OS.

There will be losses in the software. This will affect various kinds of users because upgrading the OS means saying goodbye to Gadgets of the Windows 7, Hearts (Card game) and importantly Windows Media Center. For watching the DVD's will require separate playback software. The DVD option for Windows 10 will be coming later this year and in the early upgrades you can download VLC.

Apart from the software losses, Windows have applied some of the limitations for some of the Windows 10 features. Windows Hello will only require infrared camera for facial recognition or a supportive fingerprint reader. Similarly, the Cortana will only be available in the limited countries like USA, Canada, UK, China, Spain, France, Germany and Italy in its initial release.

Updates will be downloaded and installed automatically the time they will be available. The new system requirements for the new OS will be as: 
  • 1 GHz processor,
  • 16 GB storage for installation,
  • 1 GB RAM,
  • 1024 x 600 minimum resolution.

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