Monday, June 22, 2015

This is AnsMachine Top 10 category. We post some of the exciting and adorable posts regarding latest and popular technologies. This is another step in forwarding you the knowledge about the top 10 list. Today's Top 10 list is all about the blog sites. 

In today's upgrading technology, blog or blogging is one of the major field in web development and SEO. You can customize your web sites and even earn a lot form this. These mentioned blog sites will help you in the future if you think Blogging is your best chosen path. So let’s have a deep look into the best free blog sites:

Blog is the blog site where you can start blog for free. You can make your blog a reputed one by choosing beautiful themes, widgets and find multi-authors. Later you can upgrade the blog to a premium one and get your own domain.

Blogger is one of the well-known platforms for the blogging. Since Blogger is run by google, this Blogging site is reliable and trustworthy. You can easily create and customize you site step-by-step. Since you can customize the site you can even customize by purchasing from outside.

Penzu is versatile. You need to sign up for 3 of the alternatives journals to start your site: Online Diary, Expressive Journal and Travel Journal. You can even try out this site before signing it up to check out its benefits and if it is helpful for the future.

By starting with your 14-days trail or by paying you can get the most professional and creative platform all around. This amazing platform features the ton of fabulous templates which helps and interacts freely and nicely with the bloggers, store owners, musicians and photographers.

Svbtle is a new and modern blogging platform. It came into market free for all the users for the 1st year and need to pay now(6$ per month). By design, svbtle is very minimal. Svbtle feels more look like Doodle Pad.

Tumblr is easy microblogging platform which is better when it comes to visuals. Everything is easy to display on profile of the tumblr like images, videos and music. You posts can also be "rebloged" by others making numerous followers of yours.

If you are going to create a more professional environment for the users then Webs is the best and suitable for you .You can customize your site by drag and dropping the various elements to the site. This site provides you the E-commerce feature for selling the product. Webs is free of cost.

There's is a lot of extraordinary themes for you if you are going to start a fresh blog. It also has the feature for E-commerce and makes you easier for the social media linking. Weebly is all free if you are creating the stunning site.

Wix provides you the hundreds of professional looking themes that keeps your blog's or a site's look professional with customization. It makes you and your site unique. It gives the service of keeping thee apps to your site also to the online store. It also keeps you connected to the social accounts.
This is almost the most popular and reliable blog site ever made. WordPress is super-flexible. You can upgrade and even get your own domain. As similar with the Tumblr other WordPress users can reblog your posts linking to the sites helping increasing the followers and readers.

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