Friday, June 19, 2015

When HTML first came out, a lot of people learned how to create pages by using a very handy feature that you'll find in most common browsers - the ability to look at the source code that made the page.

If you go to the View menu in your browser, and then look for an option that says View Source or Page Source, you should be able to see the code that create the page.

If you want to see how the author of a page achieved something on a page, this can be a very handy technique. Below figure can help you how to look at the source of the webpage.

This will be the best way to learn scripting language, like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and etc, This will help you to grow your experience on different field like layout designing, webpage designing etc.

For All Browsers

  1. Right click on the webpage which you want to see the source code, now click on View Source Code or View Page Source. 
Google Source Code
View Source Code of Google.
This will be the output of above steps, 
Google Source Code
Google Source Code
There are different browsers and they have different options to control them, and they have unique formal ways to see the Source Code.

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