Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Fedora reader
This is really amazing and fastest RSS reader for Windows and Windows Phone, named fedora reader. Fedora reader is supper fast RSS reader i have ever seen. Their i can get every kind of RSS feeds.

It is very fast and minimalist because you can choose particular product to get RSS feeds and that's the better way if you love technology like me check below figure to confirm.

When i clock on Add button fedora reader will provide me all the news from which i selected from the list. Their is a option to clear selection too, if you don't like any news channel you can unsubscribe immediately.

About Fedora Reader,

Fedora readerFedora Reader is a fast, minimalist RSS feed reader for Windows and Windows Phone. It lets you add your own feeds, or choose from a list of curated feeds. Since RSS feeds typically contain truncated articles, Fedora Reader can extract the from most articles so you can read the article without having to leave the app. However, if you want to read an article in the browser, you can do so easily from the sidebar. Fedora Reader lets you mark articles as Favorite, so you never have to go searching for that one article you liked.
It's my duty to open fedora reader every day because their i can get all the news from the world, like Business, Technology, Entertainments and many more. That means i don't have to spent lot more money on buying different kind of news papers and news notifying systems.

You can see below picture for better understanding, see at left side 1, that means you have selected the channel to get news on your reader, at middle 2, there are lots of news one after another, when you click on news, that will open or show you at right side of the app check 3rd.

Fedora reader

The best part is fedora reader app can run in background to up to date your RSS feeds. To get updated every time you have to run your app in background and your PC must connected through internet.
Fedora reader

Download for Windows Phone,  Download on Windows 8.1
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