Sunday, May 31, 2015

Without configuration you can not use internet, here today i am talking about ADSL (Assymetric  Digital Subscriber Line) broadband service provided by Nepal Telecom. Nowadays ADSL is used generally before that ADSL is used for Official purpose by different offices. If you have landline then you can get the ADSL broadband service from Nepal Telecom just fill up the form and submit and pay bill that's it, you will get activated soon.

Now turn came to configure your router with your user name and password. I think most of you are geeks but there are lots of friends don't know how to configure ADSL router? This will be the better guide. Follow the steps.

Before all below steps you check your line is which is connected through spliter, One connection goes to phone and another will go to router. That means you can use phone and internet at a same time without any disturbance.

If you are configuring through PC then connect RJ-45 cable from router to PC. If you are configuring through Laptop you can use WiFi or for better you can also connect RJ-45.

Follow these below steps,

  • Start PC or Laptop... now go for web browser. I.e Google Chrome, Internet Explorer etc.
  • Now type 
  • After next moment you will get popup dialog box on your screen, asking for user name and password. Type your router default user name and password. i.e user name : admin, password : admin, or user name: user, password: user or user name: root, password: root. 
Configure TP LINK ADSL Router
  • After login you will access all the settings of your router.
Configure TP LINK ADSL Router
  • Now go for Quick Start and Click on Run Wizard
  • Now you need to choose your time zone to set your ADSL router. There you can directly click on Next button. 
Configure TP LINK ADSL Router

Configure TP LINK ADSL Router
  • Now here you need to choose PPPoE/PPPoA for automatic connection. This means you don't need to create any dial-up connection to connect internet. If you choose Bridge Mode then you have to create Dial-up icon to connect internet that one quite old idea so go for PPPoE/PPPoA.
Configure TP LINK ADSL Router
  • Now here you need to enter your user name and password which is provided by Nepal Telecom, i.e adslyournumber, password: adslyournumber. 
    VPI: 8
    VCI: 81
    Connection Type: PPPoE LCC
Configure TP LINK ADSL Router
  • These all for WiFi connection. Type SSID: Name of your router.
    Authentication Type is known as security type: Choose WPA2-PSK, Now type Pre-shared key: Then after go for Next, and again Next. 
Configure TP LINK ADSL Router

Configure TP LINK ADSL Router
It will take time to save your setting and it will finally show you Close. Wait for few minutes to get internet connection.  

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