Sunday, May 24, 2015

Google Translator is a web application which is used to translate any international language. Let me explain through example, If you have Indian Friend and You don't know his/her language and S/he   don't know you language. Then you should have to use Google translate or translator to understand language. Like you can see figure below,..

Google Translator

  1.  Go for Google.Com and type translate keyword, you will get app for language translation.
  2. You need to choose primary language and secondary language. Like here i have "English" & Nepali.
  3. Type what you want to translate. a. Who are you? b. तपार्इ काे हुन्र ?
There is secondary way to use Google translator by opening the official site of Google translator

Google Translator
There only thing you need to do is to type keyword and detect language in which you wanna translate. 

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