Friday, April 3, 2015

Locking & Unlocking task bar will help you to make your windows taskbar static and dynamic. It means that you can make task unchangeable or fixed at the bottom of the windows by locking your taskbar. To make your taskbar changeable or not fixed you can unlock.

If you don't make your taskbar fixed of static, anyone can change the setting of the taskbar, anyone can increase the size or height of taskbar.

I would like to recommend you to make your windows taskbar fixed that will be batter to use.

Steps to Lock & Unlock,

  • First of all you need to know what will happen if you don't lock your taskbar. Take a look below picture you can see the height of taskbar. This what will happen if you don't lock. 
  • Right click on Taskbar and Click on Properties for formally,  Tick on the Lock the taskbar for locking and uncheck the tick mark to unlock the taskbar and go for Apply or Ok to save the setting. 
Lock & Unlock

Faster and Simple Steps

  • Right click on taskbar and click on Lock Taskbar that's it. This will help you to lock your taskbar on windows XP, windows vista, windows 7, windows 8, windows 8.1 or even windows 10 also.
Lock the taskbar
  • Same way to unlock just Right click on your taskbar and click on Lock the taskbar to unlock. When you unlock the tick mark will goes off that's it. 

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