Tuesday, April 7, 2015

By default windows system do not allow to copy and paste the text from CMD (Command Prompt), so if you want any information from command prompt then you need to copy the information. If you want to copy the information then you need to change the setting of command prompt.

To change the setting of microsoft disk operating system [ms-dos] you must have to follow these rules.

Enable Copy in Ms-Dos,

  • First of all you open CMD (Command Prompt). Go to run or press Windows Key+R = Run. Now type CMD and press enter or click on Ok. 
  • After clicking on ok you can see the black screen on screen. Now right click on Title Bar on the ms-dos screen and finally click on  Properties.
Copy & Paste
  • Inside the options tab you can see edit options now click on edit options check box and click on ok. Now you can copy the text from ms-dos by selecting the text. Select the text and press ctrl+c for copy and press ctrl+v for paste before that choose the location where you want to paste that copied text, i.e like you can open notepad and paste it. 


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