Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Add Multiple Authors on Blogger BlogIf you want to achieve your goals completely then you have to be a team. Teamwork is always better than a one man army to achieve goals. Teamwork will help you to achieve any goals faster and easier. 

In case of blogging there was easy and manageable to increase your team and work together by adding more authors. You need multiple authors for publishing various kinds of posts. You may need author to moderate your comments and publish them. There are many conditions you may have to add more authors to your blogger blog. 
Teamwork devised task and multiplies the success.
In blogger permission section there you will find two kind of authors category.
  1. First one is Author.
  2. Second one is Admin or Administrator.
Author means which can have limited access to blogger dashboard. An author can publish post, edit his own post and delete post. 

Administrator means manager which can have full access or control over the blog. Administrator can edit,delete,modify post published by author.

How to Invite Authors on Blogger Blog

To add more authors on blog you need to invite through mail then the author will check the mail S/He will accept the authorship. 
  1. Log in your blogger account and go to dashboard. 
  2. Now go for setting, inside setting for basic setting. 
  3. Now check for permission section there you will find blog authors.
Add Multiple Authors

  • Check [A] and [B] above mentioned, [A]can have limited access. [B] can have full control over blogger blog.
  • Go for [3] click on +Add Authors you will get text area type email of author which you want to invite. After then just click on invite authors. Keep in mind you can invite multiple authors at a time.  
Add Multiple Authors
[1] - Type email address of author and [2] click on Invite authors check [3] it is inviting author to your blog. 

After accepting your invitation you can change the setting for that author, what you want to make him author or admin that is up to you.

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