Wednesday, April 8, 2015

In Windows 8 & Windows 8.1 you will get only one user account while installing it. After the completion of installation you can create new user account by changing the PC setting. The first account is the primary account and that will be known as the main account or administrator. Which can have complete access to the system. Creating a user account is not complicated task but if anybody new then it will bit of confused so lets start the process of creating new user account in windows 8 & windows 8.1 .

Steps to Follow to Create New Account,

Press Windows Key+C = it will activate the charm bar and click on setting on the charm bar after setting you will the Change PC Setting  option click on that and you will get the window to create new account on your PC.


Press Windows+Key+R = Run, Now type control, and press enter or ok to get access to the control panel items. It will show you the control panel or your computer. Now find for User Account and Go for Manage User Account & Click on Add New User to PC Setting. Then finally it will show you the window to create new user account on your PC. 
user account
Run - Control - User Account
user account
Manager Another Account
user account
Add a new user in PC setting
Now you will get the window on your screen and click on add an account, if you have an microsoft account you can sign up by using microsoft account.  

If you don't have microsoft account then you can also sign in without microsoft account.  Follow the picture,
Create New Account
1 - if you have hotmail account or microsoft account.
2 - sign without mail address

  • Click on Next for further process. [here am going to teach you sign in without  account]. Now to add new account go for Local Account. 

Create New Account

  • Now type user name, password, re-enter password, password hint and go for Next button.
Create New Account
  • And now finally your new account is created click on Finish and if you want to see your newly created account you can do Restart or Logoff.   
Create New Account
If you want to add newly created account as child's account you can check the check box and click on finish. 

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