Thursday, April 16, 2015

Blogger and WordPress both are two popular CMS (Content Management System) platforms. There is confusion between blogger and wordpress which is better to use for personal use or business use.  

What should i use for publishing my content is the frequently asked question from newbies. Here is the comparison between the blogger and wordpress. If you search on Google there you will found different views from different writes, blogger and publishers.  

Blogger Vs WordPress

These two products are impossible to avoid when the term "blogging" comes in your mind. These two products are top most popular product around the web and whole world. is also known as BlogSpot. Blogger blogs are hosted as a subdomain of For example, The best thing about Blogger is that it’s absolutely free and is owned by Google.

Blogger is owned by Google so you are rent your blog. It is not owned by you Google has full control over your blog. If you violate the terms and conditions or rules and regulations of blogger Google has authority to remove your blogger blog from web-space. 

WordPress is the most popular and loved CMS (Content Management System). WordPress is opensource content management system it means you can make any changes as per your  need. You can have the full control over your wordpress site. Worpress is a software that lets you create, manage and publish your content. WordPress has two flavors, namely: (the free hosted version — like and (self-hosted version — with the website you can host your files through

Time to Decide Which is Better,


  1. Blogger owns by Google. 
  2. Fully controlled and maintained by Blogger.
  3. Blogger has sub domain i.e 
  4. You can use custom registered domain on Blogger.  
  5. You need to create Google account to use Blogger. 
  6. It has 1 GB free space, and it can connect Google+ storage for more use. 
  7. No FTP access.
  8. You can edit and customize your Blogger template. 
  9. No plugins are available on blogger. 
  10. Limited design on blogger platform. 
  11. Integration with Google Adsesnse. 


  1. Open-Source full control over you wordpress site. 
  2. You are responsible for maintenance, protection, security and etc.
  3. You can also have subdomain if you use flavor i.e
  4. You need to register your domain to use wordpress site.
  5. You can modify your site as per your need. 
  6. You can get lots of free and awesome designs on wordpress platform. 
  7. You will get plugins to protect your wordpress from spams and many more features.
  8. You have full control over you site, you can monetize as per your need.
Now if you are new here then you will find something difficult. Let me explain you which is easy to use for newbies. 

Simply blogger is easy to use, it is user friendly and very simple to use. It doesn't have lots of features in comparison of WordPress. If you want to do blogging  and if you are new at blogging then i would like to recommend you to use blogger platform because it doesn't take must time to learn and it is not complex then WordPress. Here in blogger you don't have to do lots of handwork because there you will fine lots of free and premium blogger templates. You just need to write post and publish. 

If you are expert in blogging then i would like to recommend you to WordPress. It is better to use self-hosted site. You can do lots of customization as per your need. Here you can own your site. You can use lots of security systems. There is not any problem in removing site from website like blogger. You can monetize your site own your way. For better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you can use WordPress.

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