Monday, April 6, 2015

on pageOn-Page optimization in search engine optimization refers to the optimization of header tag, meta tags, keywords and etc. The on-page SEO factor effect on your website ranking in search engine. 

The on-page seo is controlled by coding and optimizing your code. Examples of on-page optimization include actual HTML code, meta tags, keyword placement and keyword density.

Search engine factor is the most important for ranking, to get more traffic or many. If you are thinking for making money from your blog or website then, first thing you have to do is to optimize your blog or website by both on-page or off page. 
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the sole of websites & blog, Without it your site or blog is called dead means your site or blog doesn't have value in search engine. 

 5 Things You Should Have to Do,

1. Use SEO Friendly Permalinks

The best way of optimizing on-page seo for search engine ranking is to use seo friendly permalinks. Means you should have to optimize your site URL (Uniform Resource Locator). i.e If i am creating a post on my blog,, this URL has keyword and it is short also.

2. Optimize Page Title

Page title should be optimized, your page title should not copied from others. First thing you need to know is page title is the thing that any search engine will look for when visitors enters keyword on search engine. 

When writing page title you must have to include your primary keywords for batter ranking and you must have to create unique page titles to rank better and get high traffic. 

3. Keyword Density

Place your primary keyword in between 100-150 words of the post. Don't put unnecessary keyword if you put unnecessary then googlebot will never rank your on search engine. 

If you put lots of keywords inside the post then googlebot will declare that as a spam. So be careful of it. 

4. Loading Speed

Site loading speed the most important factor for on-page seo, if you want to get lots of visitors, wants to rank high, wants to crawl faster or index faster on search engine, then you have to optimize your website design or architecture with coding skill. 

Google will keeps the track of your site loading speed. According to the research 75% of visitors won't visit those sites loads after 4 seconds. So you should have to increase the loading speed, make sure that your site must have to load before 4 seconds. 

5. Internal Links

When your are writing post on blog before you have created lots of post and those post also should have to interlinked each other. This technique will help to increase your visitors. 

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