Saturday, March 28, 2015

If your Facebook account is not secured then that is very bad. You should have to secure your Facebook account to protect yourself in the world of internet. If you are not smart and secured in social networking sites then anyone can harm you not physically but emotionally, by the misuse of your personal information, by humiliating, by tagging unnecessary photos, by posting pornographic contents on your timeline etc.

There are lots of intelligent peoples those peoples are known as hackers. They can hack your Facebook account. Let me tell you hacking Facebook account is difficult but it is not impossible so you should have to set your privacy and secure yourself. 

My Case 1

Someone tires to access my Facebook account without my permission, so  i call that person very intelligent because S/He tries to access my account without my permission. But that doesn't matter because i secured myself in Facebook by setting strong privacy and strong password. 

This what i get when i try to sign in my Facebook account the message shown in FB page : someone recently tired to log into your account from an unknown browser. Please review this login.


Note: This means your Facebook account password is very weak any one can guess your FB password and they can log in your account. If your password is not strong then i recommend you to set strong password of your account. 

If you are getting like above messages on your Facebook screen go for Continue  and you will get the review of recent log in. 

It will show you the approx date and time of log in and which windows used to log in your account. 

After that you can click on I don't recognize for further process. In next steps you will have to change your Facebook password to make it secure and strong. 
Change password
Change password

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