Friday, March 13, 2015

Stop peoples from posting on your timeline
Facebook has lots of features and Facebook is the one of the popular Social Networking site to communicate. Facebook made the communication system easier, you can connect to family members, your friends anywhere around the world. You can do chat, video call, now there Facebook messenger also available for voice calling and many more features.

If any of your Facebook friend or family member annoying you by posting unwanted post on your timeline it is possible to stop them without doing unfriend or without blocking them. Facebook has enabled you the feature to stop others to posting on your wall.

This very simple to do just you need to change the setting of Facebook that' it. I think you know very well. If you don't know then this post will help you to know about the setting of Facebook.

Steps to Stop - Change Setting

  • Sign in your Facebook account.
  • At right side of the Facebook page you can see the down arrow you have to click on it, after clicking on down arrow you will get drop down menus & option go for Setting. 
Facebook Setting
  • After that you will get General Account Setting page on your screen, here you have to click on Timeline and Tagging.
Facebook Timeline and Tagging

  • Here you have to change the Timeline and Tagging setting. In who can add things to my timeline section you have to click on Edit button . 
Facebook Timeline Setting
  • That's it you prevented yourself in Facebook from being getting annoyed from peoples. 

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