Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Install Viber on PC
Viber is great app which allows you to being connected to friends and family members, Viber allow you to make phone calls, send text messages, transmit audio and videos files over smartphone or through your PC(Personal Computer).

If you have smartphone then you can install Viber application on your personal computer. That is very easy to use and install on personal computer. To install Viber on your PC you have to download Viber executable file from Internet and after that you have to install that application.

If you are currently using Viber on your smartphone than Viber will allow you to verify you on your PC also, in case if you are not using Viber on your smartphone that will not allow you to verify your phone number without having Viber on smartphone.

If you don't have Viber  but still you wanted to install on PC and wanted to use then you have to install android emulator software like, Bluestack or etc. Check tutorial  - How to install Bluestack on PC.

Steps to Install Viber on PC

  • Download Viber executable file - Download Viber for Desktop.
  • Go to the saved location and open that file or double click. After opening that executable file you will get window on your computer screen, here you have to click on Accept & Install. 
Install Viber on PC
Click on Accept & Install
    Viber on PC
  • After clicking on Accept & Install you have to wait for few minutes, Viber application will download some necessary files from Internet and After completion of Download click on Finish and Verify your phone number. That's it. 
Install Viber on PC
Wait for Few Minutes, Downloading Necessary Files

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