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How to Create Virtual Machine in Oracle VM VirtualBox Manger

Virtual Machine is used to run Guest operating systems. Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager is the one of the powerful opensource application software. In our previous post we have discussed about How to Install Oracle VM Virtual Box.  Today you will know about to creation of VirtualBox machine.

Steps to Create Virtual Machine,

  • First of all open your virtual machine application to create virtual machine. 
  • Now click on Machine menu and there you will get New option or Directly you can press Ctrl+N = Create New Virtual Machine.
Oracle VM VirtualBox Manger
  • Then after you have to give the name of your Operating system. Choose the name, type and version of VM and finally click on Next. 
Oracle VM VirtualBox Manger
  • Here you have to choose the size of the memory for virtual memory. 
  1. Allocate the size of RAM up 4069MB. 
  2. Click on Next button. 
Oracle VM VirtualBox Manger
  • In this step you have to go for create virtual hard drive now and click on Create. This step will help to create particular hard drive for the virtual machine. 
Oracle VM VirtualBox Manger
  • Now here you have to choose the hard drive file type of your virtual machine. There are lots of hard drive file type but you have to choose for VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image) and Go for Next
  • Now choose the storage on physical hard drive. It will help to dynamically allocate or fixed size. You can choose Dynamically allocated if you have enough storage size.
Oracle VM VirtualBox Manger
  • Now choose the location to save the virtual machine and you can set the size of virtual hard drive size from 4 MB to 2.00 TB as per your need you can choose and finally click on Create.
Oracle VM VirtualBox Manger
  •  Then finally you can see your created virtual machine. 
Oracle VM VirtualBox Manger
Note: Here you have just created the virtual machine but to use the guest operating system you should have to install it on your virtual machine. 


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