Wednesday, March 4, 2015

This article will help you to convert any password into text, means you can convert dot, dot, dot points into visible text.

Passwords are usually shown in the the form of asterisk (*) or the dots on each and every online site. We often wonder that there was a way to change the dots into the real characters.

Below i am going to show you how to change password into text form for Facebook. 

Convert Password to Text

  • Go for Google Chrome web browser or any other web browser which you are currently using on your computer. 
  • Click on address bar and type webpage address i.e etc. 
  • Type your email address and password, take a look below,
Convert password into text
  • Now right click on password text box and go for Inspect element as shown in below figure,
 Convert Password into Text
  • You will get the inspect element section, on inspect element section you also get the selected code to change password into text. There you have to little bit change. Look for type="password" and double click on type="password" and change into type="text" and finally hit enter that's it. See below figure
 Convert Password into Text

  • That much you have to do to convert your password into text. 

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