Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Creating a post in blogger is very simple but creating well managed, well formatted post in your blog is the most important thing.

If you don't post well formatted post what will happen,

  1. Readers will leave your blog immediately.
  2. No visitors no traffic.
  3. No traffic no visitors your blog is dead. 
Here i am going to show the rough post example. Take a look of below post example,
Wrong Way of Creating Post 

Problems are Defined With Appropriate Solution. 

  1. First of all you have to define suitable title in blog, that will help visitors to understand the post. You can use long tail title but not more than 65 words. i.e,
    -- How to Create Blog in Blogger.
    -- Best Magazine Style Blogger Templates.
    -- Top 10 Tech Movies You Will Love etc.

    You should have to maintain case of your title means, if you capitalized your post title that will be best and suitable. I have see most of the blogger they use they prefer Capitalized format Capitalized means making every words first letter capital. example -| "How to Tech Computer", "How to Do Blogging" etc. 
  2. If you don't define the label of your post that means that post is uncategorized. Visitor can't understand what is the category of the post i.e Window related post, or Blogging related post, or SEO related post or etc. As per your post requirement you can define your labels.
  3. Permalink is the link of your post. You have to add suitable link to make better understanding of post. If you provide suitable permalink then visitor can easily find your post in search engine. 
  4. Define heading but don't use lots of space in between words. That make complex to read post heading and understand. 
  5. You can define heading by using HTML tags, <h1>, <h2>, <h3>...etc.  
  6. Use best and suitable font size, make readable your text. Don't make complex to read your post by using small size of font. 
  7. Arrange your post by using align i.e right, left, center, justify.
  8. In the above post "Search Description" is not enabled, because of newly created blog, if you post more then that will automatically comes below location. You must have to define search description to get your post in search engine. But the criteria of search description is less than 145 words.  
  9. Check your spelling and grammars before posting. 
  10. Before posting you can take a look of your post by clicking on preview button, etc. 

Above Example in Well Managed Form, 

Best Post Example
Best & Well Managed Post

You must have to use text formatting features of blogger, use headings, use lists to create the best and well managed post in blogger. That much only you have to know to create well formatted post in blogger. 

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