Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Websites are also used for publishing the information about the anything, like Personal Information, Company information(blog), Educational Information (blog), where you can post and share information to the world. 

Blog is like as page where you can post the informative posts about any kind of the topics. Where you can share the posts or content on the basis of chronological order.

creating blog in blogspot is very simple,
To create blog you must have to create Gmail account. Without gmail account you can't create blog in blogspot.

If you don't know how to create gmail account then visit tutorial to create Gmail account, How to create Gmail account.

Money Matter

Not at all, it's free. Blogs are easy to create, and no need to host them by paying any amount to others, it is free provided by Google. Where you can posts what ever you want, there you can change the look or template, view of the blog and many more features inside the blog, it is easy to handle than websites.

 Create Blog in Blogger,

  • Sign in your Gmail account to create blog. Sign Gmail account.
  • If you are newly creating the blogger profile then it will show you "Confirm Your Profile", here you have to confirm your profile and go for "Continue to Blogger".
Blogger Profile
  • After confirming the profile you will access your blogger dashboard. Now check at the left side you will get the button named "New Blog" just click and the blog list window appears on your screen.
Create blog in blogger
Create blog in blogger
  • First of all give title of your blog, secondly you have to choose unique blog address, thirdly you have to choose the best design or template for your blog, fourth you have to click on create button to create your blog, that's it. 
Your blog is created now, you can enjoy your blogging by posting consistently. Maintaining consistence in blogging is the best way to get success. 

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