Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Google Analytics is the amazing tool for every user of blogger, wordpress and any weblogs users, or affiliate markers to track their visitors behaviour. 

This not difficult to set up for blogger user and any other weblogs user, just you need to sign up the Google Analytics account and that much to add your website to the dashboard of Google Analytics. After adding your site then only you can access the features of the Google Analytics, then you will find something amazing about the tool, and then you will definately think about it. This is the best tool and very important tool.
Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free program that allows you to track a visitor's behavior on your website. Though our program contains its own unique built-in industry specific analytics software, we recognize that many of you may want to use Google Analytics as well. Because of this, we have added a field on our website to insert your unique Google Analytics ID. Adding a Google Analytics tracking code is very simple as all you need is your ID to do so. Here is what you need to do:
  1. First create Google Analytics account.
  2. Add your site.
  3. Finish
After then go for Admin section, and then go for JS Tracking Info, now Tracking Code
Google Analytics
Now copy the  Tracking ID which is given on your screen i.e UA - 44048245-3.
Web Tracking

Follow the steps,

  1. Go to blogger blog Dashboard. Go for Setting. Click on Other. Just scroll down at the last section of the other setting you will find Google Analytics and below you need to paste the copied Tracking ID and save it.

Or you can insert the script code on your template to get all the benefits of Universal Analytics for this property, copy and paste this code into every webpage you want to track.

First of all copy the script code from Tracking ID section of Google Analytics.
Web Tracking
  1. Go to blogger blog Dashboard. Go for Template. Click on Edit HTML. Now Find the code </body> and paste the copied code script above the </body> that's it.
Thanks and happy blogging, :D :)

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